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Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS)

Process Development

Process development plays vital role in the manufacture of APIs (NCEs and generic).

Synartis Pharmaceutical’s fully-equipped process research and development lab allows rapid development of scalable and robust chemical processes utilizing advanced methodologies. Synartis Pharmaceutical is also equipped with a kilo lab for a quick supply in the early phase of the development.

Our top notched scientists are experts to develop the robust process using PROCESS principles such as Proven, Repeatable, Owner driven, Compatible, Executable, Sustainable, Successful and also SELECT principles such as Safety, Environment, Legal, Economics, Control and Throughput. Our scientists are also experts to develop the sustainable process using GCbD (Green Chemistry by Design).

  •     Novel synthetic route for off-patented APIs / APIs
  •     Non-infringing processes for off-patented APIs / APIs
  •     Process development of APIs
  •     Process validation of APIs
  •     Manufacture of APIs (GMP and non-GMP).