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API Intermediates & Process chemistry

API Services

We aim to attain the status of a global leader for developing a novel route or non-infringing route for APIs.

Synartis Pharmaceutical’s API division, with their unique expert route scouting team, offers the development of novel synthetic routes or non-infringing routes for off-patent APIs. If customers are looking for off-patent APIs with competitive cost and quality, then our route scouting team can collaborate with customers to identify opportunities early and work closely with them to ensure timely availability of APIs to support their filings and ensure timely market entry.

Synartis Pharmaceutical’s API team offer

  •     Novel synthetic route for off-patented APIs / APIs
  •     Non-infringing processes for off-patented APIs / APIs
  •     Process development of APIs
  •     Process validation of APIs
  •     Manufacture of APIs (GMP and non-GMP).